Representation: Actually ADHD Fictional Characters and Celebrities

This is a working page, so please send in more canonically ADHD characters or actually ADHD celebrities. No headcanons, please, as we want to highlight authors and screenwriters who are willing to actually give their characters ADHD rather than just make them quirky. (Authors, here are some articles about how to put ADHD in your YA and children’s books.)

Canonically ADHD Characters

Historical Characters that Canonically Have Many ADHD Traits But Are Not Diagnosed Because ADHD Wasn’t a Thing

Celebrities and Other Very Successful People with ADHD

(* signifies people who only say they had ADHD in childhood)

I just realized that most of these people are white men, suggesting that, ADHD or not, success is more likely if you are a white man. Surprise.—Elise