History of Actually ADHD

Actually ADHD was started (as a side blog) in August 2012 by J, who also started the “Actually ADHD” tag at the same time. She saw a need for a safe place where ADHDers could discuss ADHD and the struggles we face on a daily basis, without having to navigate the crap found in the “ADHD” tag.

At first, the blog was just reblogging other people’s posts, and J added her own commentary where she felt she had something to contribute. Then people started sending asks, and she realized that there was also a need for a place people could go to get answers to their questions. Because goodness knows that accurate information is hard to find sometimes, and the people we’re supposed to be able to ask (i.e., our doctors) don’t always know the truth.

And so the blog has become primarily an advice blog. There are various people who help answer questions and/or reblog posts from the ADHD tags periodically, but since everyone who is involved in running the blog has ADHD and most people are in school, that’s sporadic (and it’s not a problem).

J tries to be compassionate in her replies (and probably doesn’t always succeed) and does her best to be honest about when she doesn’t have an answer. The community that has grown up around the blog is truly amazing and fantastic.

This web site is a natural outgrowth of the blog, as the information contained in the blog becomes more varied and Tumblr blogs continue to be difficult to search. Hopefully this site will be a useful addition to the online ADHD resources.