Resources for Music Teachers

Welcome, Saskatoon Registered Music Teachers! These resources are free for you to use in your studios. Remember, a lot of these things will help students who don’t have ADHD, too!

Strategy Cards are quarter-page sized sheets meant to serve as a quick reference for different problems related to ADHD. Print on card or cover stock, double-sided, and cut into quarters. These may be laminated and kept close to hand for your reference, or you can give copies to your students.

I designed this poster to be large, but you can print it on smaller paper and it should still look good. If you decide to get it printed professionally, you may need a release; if this is the case, please contact me and I will send one to you. Alterations to the poster can be made; please contact me for information on this.

This is a fillable PDF, so you can type in specific things needed to practice. For example, if you teach clarinet, you will want to add “reeds,” “music stand,” and “clarinet”; if you teach piano, you probably just need to add “piano.” Print on card stock, laminate, and tape to the outside of the student’s lesson book. They can use a dry erase marker to check things off.

There are instructions for use on the second page of this PDF. You will need one copy of the first page each week. There is room for 10 items on the page; more than that will be too much!

This is a quick reference with a little bit of information about ADHD, its treatments, and some of the challenges we deal with on a daily basis. It is primarily for your use, though your students and their parents may find it useful also.