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Actually ADHD is a blog on Tumblr that has gained a lot of popularity in the short time it’s been around. It was started in August 2012 and its maintainers strive to provide people with accurate information about what ADHD is and how they can treat it, as well as practical advice regarding symptom management, crisis management, and other difficulties including poor self esteem.

This web site is where a lot of the information will eventually end up, so that people who need helpful information can find it easily. Tumblr blogs are difficult to search, so hopefully this web site will make it easier for people to find what they need.

The Actually ADHD web site is run by Janna Willard, who started the Tumblr blog and ran it on her own for several months. She was diagnosed with ADHD in February 2005, at the age of 28, and has taken a variety of medication over the years. She has been married since 2010, and she and her husband welcomed their first child in March 2015. The family also has three guinea pigs and a cat. Janna is a housewife/stay-at-home mom and a freelance writer and editor. She is grateful that her husband’s job pays well enough that she does not have to work outside the home, because when she did that she was always anxious and stressed out. Janna answers most of the questions on the Tumblr blog, and she and one of her co-mods are working on a book based on the “tips and tricks” they share with people there.

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