Statement of Purpose

“Empowering ADHDers through community, understanding, encouragement, practical advice, and accurate information.”


The Actually ADHD Tumblr has a follower count of over 17,000. These followers are a large community of ADHDers (and others who are interested in ADHD, have loved ones who have ADHD, think they may have ADHD, and/or share difficulties with ADHD) who support one another in amazing ways, responding to each others’ questions and offering alternative viewpoints to the ones presented by the moderators.


Because everyone who works at Actually ADHD has ADHD, we understand what our followers are dealing with. We’ve been there, and so has everyone else who provides input on posts. This is part of what makes our community so special.


We don’t offer trite words to our followers. When we say that we are proud of you or that we believe in you, we really mean it. We here at Actually ADHD sincerely believe that every person is valuable simply because they exist, and we believe that you can achieve things if you have the right help.

Practical Advice

At Actually ADHD, we know that the things that work for non-ADHDers rarely work for ADHDers without a lot of tweaking. With that in mind, we try to tailor our suggestions so that we provide techniques and solutions that have been proven to work for ADHDers. The bonus? Often things that work for ADHDers work for non-ADHDers!

Accurate Information

We do our best to stay on top of new developments in the world of ADHD research. Our replies to questions are as accurate as we are able to provide, and we are always happy to be corrected when we share something inaccurate or incomplete.